Auto Lao Sole Company Limited

About the best.

Founded in 1954, Mr. Sisouk Sisombat was granted as an authorized representative for Descours et Cabaud and Sogninex. These companies are known as an import-export company for goods from Europ. In conjunction with the two companies, Mr. Sisouk expanded the business and included offerings in the automotive sector. Auto Lao began its journey to building a solid foundation when it opened its first showroom at KM4 selling products from various manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Renault, and Michelin tyres. 

The first 190 models ran from Saigon to Pakse, only to reach the Vientiane capital soon after. During this time, Auto Lao was announced to be an official distributor for Mercedes-Benz. After many political changes, Auto Lao ceased until 1997 and then again until 2004 when Mr. Sinouk Sisombath (son of Mr. Sisouk Sisombath) joined hands with new partners to restart Mercedes-Benz in Vientiane which was located on Souphanouvong Road. 

In 2009, due to an increase in vehicle demands from customers, Auto Lao expanded and relocated to T2 Asean Road, offering more space and a wider range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and services. 

After a successful 7 years, in 2016, Mr. Sounthone Phammachack was appointed as the new President. Under his management, he brings in his experience, energy, and innovative approach of business. Auto Lao has transformed to the first ever state of the art Mercedes-Benz facility. His vision was to create a workshop. One that is more than capable of maintaining and servicing your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

To go along with the Mercedes-Benz belief of being The Best or Nothing, Auto Lao has strived to make every business opportunity a business passion, making it our goal to satisfy every customer. As a result, with many years of dedication and passion for our brand and our customers, Mr. Sounthone has successfully made Auto Lao the only official Mercedes-Benz distributor in all of Laos, changing the company name to Auto Lao Sole Company Limited in 2018.

With the future to look forward to, we hold high standards to ensure an unforgettable experience for everyone that visits our showroom to make sure the legacy of the Auto Lao Company continues successfully since 1957.