SUV Road Trip


On March 31st to 1st April, Mercedes-Benz Auto Lao arranged a SUV Road Trip to Vang Vieng. Gathering more than 50 of our most loyal SUV customers, the group made its 157km journey to Vang Vieng. 
Along the way, games and trivia questions kept all participants excited and informed about the vehicles they were driving, as well as facts about the company. 
Upon arrival, food, drinks, activities, and accomodation was provided. Before departure of the event, Auto Laos made 2 more stops along with the convoy to Houay Nhae Primary School where over 16 million kip of educational quipment and repairs to the school was donated; and to Poukham Cave where our customers enjoyed their last few hours in Vang Vieng before heading home from the eventful weekend. 
With good feedback and requests to make this an annual event, Auto Lao and it's team is grateful to have had a successful road trip with everyone.